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Rules and Policy

  • 1- INDEMNITY: Bath Plus Design is not responsible for any losses or injuries caused by improper use of the equipment. YOU AGREE TO RELEASE BATH PLUS DESIGN FROM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES OF ANY TYPE RESULTING FROM THE INSTALLATION, OPERATION OF MAINTANENCE OF THE EQUIPMENT AND/OR CONSUMPTION OR USE OF ANY PRODUCT PROVIDED BY BATH PLUS DESIGN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT. You agree to indemnify and defend Bath Plus Design against any claims for losses or injuries caused by the improper use of the equipment.


  • 2- DEFAULT: You are in default of this Agreement if you fail to pay any amount hereunder when due of fail to perform any other term of this agreement. Bath Plus Design is not obligated to provide any notice of default. If you have defaulted, you agree that you are liable for and must immediately pay to Bath Plus Design the following amounts as liquidated damages (the “Liquidated Damages”): (a) all charges due for the remaining term of this Agreement, plus (b) any equipment loss of damage, plus (c) any removal and shipping expenses or charges incurred by Bath Plus Design. YOU FURTHER AGREE AND AUTHORIZE BATH PLUS DESIGN TO DEBIT OR CHARGE IMMEDIATELY ANY AMOUNTS DUE UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE LIQUIDATED DAMAGES FROM: (1) YOUR BANK ACCOUNT(S), IF YOU HAVE PAID ANY AMOUNTS HEREUNDER BY CHECK OR BANK ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER, OR (II) YOUR CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS, IF YOU HAVE PAID ANY AMOUNTS HEREUNDER USING A CREDIT CARD, FURTHER, YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHT TO NOTICE BEFORE BATH PLUS DESIGN CHARGES ANY SUCH ACCOUNT.   


  • 3- ENFORCEMENT: You agree to pay Bath Plus Design’s reasonable attorneys fees and collection costs to enforce this Agreement, and/or recover any amounts You owe. Further, You agree that this Agreement will be governed under the laws of the State of Florida and you agree that the sole jurisdiction for any action arising hereunder will be with the Florida State Court, Palm Beach County and further You waive any right to trial by jury in any such action. Finally, any delay or failure to exercise any right by Bath Plus Design as provided under this Agreement will not prevent Bath Plus Design from exercising any right at any later time.


1. Bath Plus Design recommends to change any pipes hot and cold every 2 years as maintenance.

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